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1. How can I create an account on DFON.io?

   To create an account, click the "Join Us" button and follow the registration process using your Gmail email address.


2. What are the subscription options for artists and galleries?

    DFON.io offers a monthly subscription model with different terms and perks for artists and galleries. Premium accounts allow artists to upload up to 50 artworks with a commission rate of 15% and a monthly fee of 150 USD.


3. How can I cancel my premium account subscription?

    You can cancel your premium account at any time by clicking the upgraded account icon and pressing the cancel button.


4. What is the refund policy for premium account purchases?

    Artists and galleries can receive a full refund within 48 hours after purchase if no additional services have been used, and if no art sales have occurred.


5. How can I purchase artwork on DFON.io?

    Buyers can purchase artworks by clicking "buy" and providing their contact details and banking information. DFON.io will then confirm the availability of the artist within 48 hours. After the confirmation, the buyer's credit card will be charged, and DFON.io will hold the funds until the artwork arrives, and the buyer confirms successful delivery and quality.


6. What is the delivery process for purchased artworks?

    Sellers are responsible for delivering the artworks to the provided address in the buyer's account. Buyers are responsible for verifying delivery schedules and confirming the quality of the packaging and artwork upon arrival.


7. What is the right of withdrawal for buyers?

    Buyers have a period of 14 days from the delivery of the artwork to exercise their right of withdrawal without any costs or reason. Buyers may exercise this right by sending an email to Info@dfon.io.


8. What is the Certificate of Authenticity for purchased art pieces?

    Each art piece purchased on DFON.io comes with a certification of authenticity provided by the seller. Sellers are responsible for providing truthful and complete information about the artwork, including its size, dimensions, price, date, name, issuing date, and the artist's signature.


9. What is the copyright policy on DFON.io?

    Users are responsible for the original image quality, authenticity, and copyright of their content. DFON ART LTD. reserves the right to deny service to users who do not own the copyright or are in breach of any terms of service.


10. Is there an age restriction for using DFON.io?

     Yes, users must be 18 years old to create an account on DFON.io's website.


     DFON.io reserves the right to update, alter, and change the terms of service at any time. Users will be notified of changes via email.