Galleries & Artists
Galleries & Artists


How do you select your artists?

  • We hand-pick every single artist based on solo exhibitions, awards, and potential

Does DFON support upcoming artists without prior solo exhibitions or awards?

  • Yes, we do however have to uphold a certain quality standard, contact us via info@dfon.io for further information.

Are the artworks available as prints?

  • Artists have the option to sell their artwork as prints if they want to, DFON will take care of the printing process. Contact us directly if you see an Artwork you would like to purchase as a print, and we will contact the artist for you and check for availability.

Is a CoA (Certificate of Authenticity) provided?

  • Yes, every single artwork on DFON comes with a CoA that is signed by the artist including measurements and date.

Are all displayed artworks on DFON available for purchase?

  • Sometimes the artist has sold his artwork to a private collector and didn’t update the status of the artwork on DFON in time, we will inform you instantly if your desired artwork is not available anymore and will help you to find other works from your desired artist. Sometimes our artists accept commission work!


Subscription System:

How does the subscription system work?

  • DFON offers 2 different subscription models for more flexibility for our artists, including discounts for our services and lowered commission rates!

If I purchase a subscription for an advanced account and upload 15 artworks but cancel my subscription what will happen with my uploaded artworks?

  • Simply deselect artworks uploaded to DFON until there are 5 left (basic account), and you can continue using our services.

How much discount will I get for your services with an upgraded account?

  • An advanced subscription will give you 15% discount for our services and a premium account will give you 25% discount for all our services!

How can I cancel a subscription?

  • Under your “user page”, select “cancel subscription”, The subscription is valid for 30 days from the day of purchase and you will still be able to use all benefits even if you cancel the subscription after 15 days!

Does the subscription automatically renew each month?

  • Yes, the subscription does automatically renew every month until you manually cancel the subscription.

Can I change my subscription plan while one of my artworks is in progress for an auction?

  • No, while any of your artworks are in a running auction you are unable to purchase and cancel a subscription, once you are not in an active auction you are able to upgrade or cancel your subscription.

Payment Process:

How to purchase artwork on DFON?

  • Once you make a buyer’s account, you can simply click “buy now” on an artwork you like and you will get promoted to the checkout via PayPal, there you must enter your credentials and wait for confirmation from DFON.
  • The artist will issue you an invoice for the price of the artwork including shipment and insurance cost.
  • Once we check that you have enough funds to purchase your artwork and check the availability of the artwork with the artist, we will issue packaging and you will get charged when the artwork is shipped.

Can I cancel my order?

  • Of course, before the artwork has been shipped, you can cancel your order via email. Once the artwork has been shipped, the cancellation period begins 14 days after delivery,we will only refund you once the work has been returned to the artist in its original condition.


How is the artwork packaged?

  • The artwork is packaged by the artist and follows a standardized packaging process, alternatively we offer a full packaging service from one of our delivery partners companies to assist the artist in packaging. We then confirm with the artist before shipping to make sure the work is properly protected.

How long does delivery take?

  • If the artwork is packaged by the artist, delivery should take about 8 working days on average. If our partner company will take care of the packaging and insurance + delivery it may take longer.

Is the delivery of the artwork insured?

  • Yes, every artwork on DFON will be insured and prepared for custom clearance by our offered fine art delivery companies we offer our artists to select, alternatively the artist can choose their own insurance and delivery companies.

What countries do you deliver to?

  • We deliver everywhere, if you have any exotic or special delivery address, let us know and we will try our best to help you!