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We Make Artists' and Collectors' Dreams Come True
DFON Art. Ltd is a trusted online platform headquartered in Taiwan that connects art galleries, artists, and buyers, offering a seamless and transparent experience for buying and selling artworks.
At DFON Art. Ltd, we are guided by the principles of transparency, flexibility, and credibility. These values underpin every aspect of our platform and interactions with artists, galleries, and collectors.
With our unwavering support, both emerging and established art galleries, along with their talented artists, can bridge the gap between traditional art sales and the growing online art market.
We are committed to excellence and constantly enhance our services. Our proactive dialogue with art galleries, artists, and collectors ensures a trusted atmosphere of the highest standards.
A Haven for Art Enthusiasts:
DFON Art. Ltd aims to foster an inclusive community, providing a safe haven for art enthusiasts of all kinds, from upcoming and established artists to passionate collectors and respected art galleries.
For additional information or any inquiries, don't hesitate to reach out to us via email. Our team is here to assist you and provide a seamless art trading experience. info@dfon.io
No Buyer's Premium Charge
We don’t believe in buyer’s premium charge; every single auction items will have no buyer’s premium charge. There will be no hidden charges on DFON.io.
Flexible Subscription Model
Different Artists have different demands, we offer our artists a range of different subscription models with added perks and services to perfectly cater their needs.
Chief Executive Office【CEO】
Chris Schlager
International Sales expert with more than 10+ years of experience combined with a deep passion for art, lay the foundation of DFON.
Chief Technology Officer【CTO】
Irene Chuang
Former LinkedIn and CTBC software savant is working around the clock, whom is the heart of our IT department.
Director of Sales【銷售總監】
Frédéric Benhassain
A seasoned trilingual sales pro, Frederic brings over a decade of experience to DFON. His exceptional sales skills make him a cornerstone of DFON.
Director of Fine Art【藝術總監】
Vivian Chen
Vivian brings DFON an international aesthetic to curate a unique art collection that speaks to your individual style, and transcends borders.
Fine Art Consultant【藝術顧問】
Zen Li
Li With his extensive experience in Digital and Fine Art Consulting - Zen Li will guarantee our Collectors and Customers a swift and professional service.
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