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We Make Artists' and Collectors' Dreams Come True
DFON Art. Ltd, the Online Art Trading Center, with its headquarter based in Taiwan, connects artists and buyers and helps them to buy, sell and auction their art.
DFON’s core values are transparency, flexibility, and credibility.
It’s our firm belief that the art landscape must change in favor of both the artist and art collector.
Each of our artists is hand-picked to ensure the highest quality for our collectors. As an organization, we take pride in the direct contact we have with our artists.
As a collector, yet another great benefit of purchasing artworks from DFON is that you will not have to pay extra fees, such as buyer’s premiums. We strive for transparency, hence you won’t find any hidden fees.
To guarantee the flawless delivery of the artwork, DFON insures every single artwork by default.
With our support, emerging and established artists are able to close the gap between traditional art sales, online art sales, and web 3.0.
We constantly are working on improving our services and are in active dialogue with our artists and collectors to guarantee a trusted atmosphere of the highest standards.
We aim to create a safe haven for all art enthusiasts which includes upcoming artists, establish artists, art galleries, and more.
For additional information contact us via: info@dfon.io
Free-to-Use Prime Features for All our Artists
To actively support our artists DFON offers all its prime features without any monthly fees.
No Buyer's Premium Charge
We don’t believe in buyer’s premium charge; every single auction items will have no buyer’s premium charge. There will be no hidden charges on DFON.io.
Flexible Subscription Model
Different Artists have different demands, we offer our artists a range of different subscription models with added perks and services to perfectly cater their needs.
Web3 NFT 360 Support
DFON takes care of the entire NFT generation of your art including listing and selling on web3 secondary markets and digital copyright certification on the Ethereum blockchain.
Chris Schlager
International Sales expert with more than 10+ years of experience combined with a deep passion for art, lay the foundation of DFON.
Anni Yin
Anni's stellar engineering background and Project management skills guarantee our Users the most optimal experience.
Irene Chuang
Former LinkedIn software savant is working around the clock and is the heart of our IT department.
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