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Terms of Service

Terms of Service


DFON.io is a website also called “online art trade center” to display artworks from artists “sellers” to the users of “buyers” to give artists the option to promote their art and connect with potential buyers over DFON.io’s platform. 

Sales (purchases) on DFON.io are between the buyer and the artist, DFON.io functions solely as a middleman in the context of connecting those parties with each other. The sales and purchase contracts are always 100% between the buyer and the seller and do not include DFON.io in any way. 


Account Creation: 

During the account creation process, the user can choose between an "artist/seller” account and a "buyer” account, a google account is mandatory for account creation. 

Buyers can create an account that requires a valid Google email address. 

Artists can create an account via “Sign up as an artist” at the bottom of the website. 

Artist/Seller User with a basic account has the option to upload up to 5 pictures of their art on their personal artist page and list them for purchase. 



Artists have the option to upgrade their account to an “advanced” or “premium account” under the User Management Panel under “Subscription”. 

DFON offers 2 different monthly subscription models with different terms and benefits for the artist. 

Refunds for Advanced and Premium account purchases can be fully granted within 48h after purchase if no additional service has been used to which any discounts have been applied to and if no sale of art in any form has been made. 

If any additional service including the advanced and premium account has been made or any sales have been made while the advanced or premium account discount was active, DFON.io will not issue any refund and the subscription must be paid for the entire month. 

Advanced and Premium account upgrades are billed monthly and can be canceled at any given moment on the user page by clicking the upgraded account icon and then pressing the cancel button.


Subscription - Advanced account: 

Advanced account artists can upload up to 15 artworks with a commission rate of 15%, the option to sell, and create auctions for their artworks. Furthermore, Artists will automatically get a discount of 15% for all DFON’s other services. (NFT 360, Image Alteration Service), DFON charges 49 USD as a monthly fee. 


Subscription - Premium account: 

Premium account artists can upload up to 50 artworks with a commission rate of 10%, the option to sell, and create auctions for their artwork. Furthermore, Artists will automatically get a discount of 25% for all DFON’s other services. (NFT 360, Image Alteration Service), DFON charges 99 USD as a monthly fee. 


Subscription - Payment and Cancelation: 

The subscription is payable each month and can be canceled by the artist/seller at any given time without reason. 

The subscription fee is active 30 days (about 4 and a half weeks) after payment of the subscription fee and will be automatically renewed if the user does not cancel the subscription. 


Discount for Advanced and Premium Accounts: 

Advanced Subscription Users have a 15% discount for DFON’s Services (NFT 360 Service, and Image Alteration Service) 

Premium Subscription Users have a 25% discount for DFON’s Services (NFT 360 Service and Image Alteration Service) 



NFT 360 Service: 

DFON gives the artist the option to digitalize their artwork on the Ethereum Blockchain including digital copyright for their artwork. 

DFON will create a crypto Wallet for the artist and will "mint" their artwork on the Ethereum Blockchain to create an NFT for the artist.  

DFON further offers the artist to list their NFT's on a secondary NFT marketplace for purchase. DFON does take a 5% commission on top of the secondary marketplace commission. 

The cost for this service without discount is 100 USD per account. (The amount of NFT's cannot exceed the picture limit based on the chosen account, e.g., basic account 5 pictures, advanced account 15 pictures, premium account 50 pictures.) 

Additional minting cost (gas fee) is to be paid by the artist. 


Image Alteration Service: 

DFON offers 3 different stages of image alteration. 

- .gif creation (requires a minimum of 2 pictures) 

- Adobe after effects alteration 

- 3Ds Max Rendering 

The cost and time are depending on the artwork, the time required, and the alteration level required by the artist, contact: info@dfon.io for details. 


Buying Process: 

A buyer can buy art pieces by clicking the “buy” or “bid” button and is then prompted to enter his/her contact details and banking information. DFON will require 48 hours (about 2 days) for the final confirmation of availability from the artist. Once DFON confirms with an artist the buyers credit card will be charged and DFON will be holding the funds until the artwork arrived the buyer and the buyer confirms the successful delivery and quality of the artwork.


dfon.iodfon.io DFON ART | Your Fine Arts Trading Platform. DFON ART | Your Fine Arts Trading Platform.


Bidding Process: 

A buyer can place a bid on any artwork running for auction, a placed bid cannot be withdrawn. DFON will inform the buyer after a successfully won auction and contact the artist within 48 hours to confirm the availability of the art piece by the artist. Once DFON confirms with an artist the buyers credit card will be charged and DFON will be holding the funds until the artwork arrived the buyer and the buyer confirms the successful delivery and quality of the artwork. 

The price displayed for the buyer is without insurance and transportation cost.  

Purchasing Insurance for any artwork is mandatory.



The Artist will deliver the art pieces to the presented address made in the account of the User (buyer). The art pieces are sent directly from the user (seller) to the user (buyer). It’s the buyer’s sole responsibility to inform him/herself of the schedule of the delivery schedule of the various delivery service providers. 

The buyer is responsible for the quality of the packaging of the artwork as well as confirmation of the quality of the packaging and any potential damages upon arrival. 

DFON is offering the artist assistance in choosing a transportation and insurance provider to create a quotation for the buyer within 48 hours (about 2 days). 

It is the artist’s responsibility to issue an invoice including VAT to the buyer for the transportation cost and insurance cost. 

The buyer must check the quality and the condition of the art piece as soon as possible and inform DFON.io within 48h after received the art piece in writing who will contact the seller and help solving the dispute. 



Pursuant to article L.121-21 (law of 17 March 2014 relating to consumption) of the code of consumption, the Buyer has a period of 14 days from the delivery of the Artwork to use his/her right of withdrawal with the Seller, without any costs or reason. The Buyer may use his/her right of withdrawal with DFON by sending an email to the following address: Info@dfon.io 

DFON will then be responsible for handling the cancellation from the Buyer and shall process the refund within 14 days following the date on which DFON was informed about the Buyer exercising his/her right of withdrawal. The refund applies to the price of the artwork paid by the Buyer, as well as the return shipping costs, payable by the artist. The returned artworks that are damaged or dirtied by the Buyer shall not be accepted, nor refunded, DFON reserves the right to decide at its sole discretion.


Certificate of Authenticity: 

Every art piece purchased over DFON.io comes with a certification of authenticity provided by the “artist/seller”, and it is the responsibility of the “artist/seller” to issue all information truthfully and in full about the art piece which includes its general information about its dimensions, price, date, name as well as issuing date and signature of the “artist/seller”. 



The user is responsible for the original image quality and authenticity as well as the original copyright DFON ART LTD. reserves the option to deny service if the user does not own the copyright or is in breach of any of DFON ART LTD.’s or its business partners Terms of Services. 

The Seller guarantees that he/she is the author of the ceded Artwork and that the latter does not violate any laws, regulations, and standards in force, or affects the rights of third parties. The Artist commits to protect DFON and the Buyer in case of any action brought by a third party about the ceded artwork, as part of the warranty of quiet possession. Upon the sale, the Seller assigns to the Buyer the material substrate of the artwork and its representation rights on the artwork. The Seller however retains his/her moral right on the artwork as well as the rights regarding its reproduction. 



DFON.io does not warrant that the Website will operate Error, continuously and/or without interruption of service furthermore DFON.io cannot guarantee the safety of your information in case of data breach or computer viruses, or other harmful content, the company is not responsible for any cost that may occur. 

By posting communication (including graphics or any other media content) to any public area - you automatically grant the company permission to a royalty-free license to use, modify, publish, edit, and transform your provided information. 

The company does not endorse, support, represent, or guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy or reliability of any information provided by the artist. You acknowledge and agree that reliance on the material and information presented on DFON.io is at your own risk. 

The website may contain links to third-party websites, dfon.io takes no responsibility for any damages that may occur by using any third-party links and websites provided by dfon.io. 

If you are dissatisfied with dfon.io you have the sole right to discontinue your use of the platform, under no circumstances is DFON or any of its third- party companies liable for any damages that may occur including data loss, loss of profits and so far. 

You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the company, its staff, workers, and partners from and against any losses, liabilities, damages, costs, expenses including legal costs that may occur. 

dfon.io takes no liability for any legal costs that might occur by using our platform, and services directly and/or from our third-party providers. 

The user must be 18 years old to make an account buyer/seller on dfon.io’s website. 


Changes of Terms of Service: 

DFON.io reserves the right to update, alter and change the terms of service at any given time, so it is advisable to review the terms of service from time to time. dfon.io further will inform every of its user by any terms of service changes via email immediately. If you do not agree with the changes in these terms, you may not continue to use the services provided by DFON.io. When you use the services of DFON.io again after these terms of service are changed, it is deemed to accept the revised terms of service. 


In case of any discrepancy between the English version and the Chinese version, the English version shall prevail.